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    fixing the 'too many ads' on the forums...

    Hi all, I have to say while the ads helped to offset the cost of hosting this forum, they seem to keep getting more and more will be looking at how to reduce the total ad quantity and/or moving to a new forum structure. If you have thoughts on how to balance the need to generate...
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    Really nice feedback on Amora Eternity Stud earrings!

    Hi all, Happy to share really nice feedback we received from a customer on our 1ct (each ear) Amora Eternity earrings: "We got the earrings! Hubby opened the package and peeked, and once he saw them he couldn’t wait and presented them to me to wear immediately. They are stunning! I love them...
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    Excellent customer feedback on our Takara H&A lab diamonds (ASET scope review)

    Hi all, Happy to share some really nice feedback on our Takara H&A lab diamonds :) "I had a chance to see the diamond in person and under an ASET scope. I'm very impressed, the stone is beautiful. I've done a lot of research and I think I'm fairly knowledgeable about diamonds now, and I must...
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    Large Amora restock coming (Nov 28 or so) - last restock for 2019

    Hi all, A quick update that we'll have a large restock ready just before the Holiday Season (around Nov 28th): Nov 28 - Large restock coming! 1ct, 1.25ct, 1.50ct, 2.50ct, 3.50ct, and... a few 6-7ct :) This will be the last restock for this year! Amora Gem Restocking Schedule Best...
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    DeBeers lowers mined diamond rough pricing by -5%, industry crisis from low demand

    Hi all, The whole jewelry industry is contracting and DeBeers is being hard hit. Latest news is they have lowered their mined diamond pricing -5% in November to try and offset falling demand for diamonds: Best regards, Less
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    BTD sales = +49%, some upcoming changes and improvements (ala new website :)

    Hi all, I'll have to do more of a true Friday update, but wanted to highlight that sales for BTD have been jumping lately, +49% this past month. Most popular has been our Amora and Phoenix Stud earrings (especially those sold via the 'overnight' option), along with loose gems of both. We are...
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    Another reason for Amora Gem / Takara lab diamonds = you don't need to rob a bank to pay for your wedding ring!

    Hi all, Latest news is a Texas man was arrested the day before his wedding for robbing a bank. He robbed the bank to pay for the wedding ring. Texas man robbed a bank on the day before his wedding to pay for the ring, sheriff says - CNN Moral of the story - buy an Amora Gem or Takara, enjoy...
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    Phoenix Moissanite, OEC cut!

    Hi all, I'm happy to announce that we are now offering our Phoenix Moissanite in an OEC cut: These are full OEC with the proper open culet as you can see. We had a few random Phoenix certed recently (as a sample set, we're not offering individual certs like the Amora) and one OEC actually...
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    Phoenix Moissanite - Oval cut, video

    Hi all, Here's a quick video of our new Phoenix Moissanite in oval cut! These have minimal bow tie and excellent beauty! Phoenix Moissanite Oval Cut Best regards, Less
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    BTD selected as an American Express "Customer Favorite"!

    Hi all, Happy to announce that thanks to your support, we were selected as a favorite business by Amex cardholders. Thus, got a nice notice from Amex about it and below is our new cert for it. Thanks for your support! Best regards, Less
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    Phoenix Moissanite cushion - example cert of an 8mm...D/VVS2!

    Hi all, We've opted to not cert every Phoenix but we did ask NAGL to cert a few as examples. Thus, happy to show a cushion cut 8mm cert: Phoenix Moissanite Cushion Cut Best regards, Less
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    Amora Gem - Sold out sizes will be restocked soon!

    Hi all, We will, at long last, be restocking our sold out Amora Eternity sizes soon! .50ct - 1.25ct have been sold out for months. We finally have suitable rough for those sizes, and restocks will be arriving in the next three weeks, and continuing throughout October. You can sign up to be...
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    Quick video - Phoenix Moissanite cushions! ($249/ct)

    Hi all, Quick video to show our new Phoenix Moissanite cushion cut: Phoenix Moissanite Cushion Cut (Only $249/ct currently btw!) Best regards, Less
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    Phoenix Moissanite now available in Cushion cut! $249/ct

    Hi all, We're expanding the production of our Phoenix Moissanite fancy cuts since Amora Fancy cut production is no more. First up, a new stunning Cushion cut! Our Phoenix Moissanite is priced at a pretty amazing $249/ct. Colorless (D-F and with typical VVS clarity. We encourage comparison...
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    "Highly Recommend" - nice customer feedback on their Takara lab diamond

    Hi all, Happy to share a nice customer review we just received today on their Takara 1ct lab diamond: "I just recently purchased a Takara (1ct) for my engagement ring. I am very impressed with the performance of the diamond and feel very confident about the decision I made here. I never...
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    FTC ruling - a "diamond is a diamond" whether from the ground or from a lab....

    Hi all, Of interest, we've had a number of immature comments from jewelers on FB (who sell mined diamonds, and post as consumers lol) about our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds as not being 'real' diamond. But that's both factually false, and legally false as well. It may be interesting for...
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    2.04ct Takara! First Super Ideal H&A Takara over 2ct size (H/VS)

    Hi all, I'm late to post here, but happy to announce that we have our first over 2ct Takara! This is a 2.04ct, Super Ideal H&A cut, in H color, VS clarity. Here's a studio video: Takara Lab Grown Diamond Inventory Best regards, Less
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    Comparing GIA "Triple Excellent" cut vs Takara Super Ideal lab diamond cut...

    Hi all, We got a hold of a GIA "Triple Excellent" cut diamond and pleased to be able to show you the difference vs. our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds cuts. The scope images pretty much tell you all you need to know. This is the problem with the GIA cut grading - Excellent sounds good, except...
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    fyi - Bistro header is mixed up (cache issue with CSS files)...should be resolved on your system within a week

    Hi all, We've added a new Takara banner to the bistro site but for the next few days, due to cache update delays, it may show as a much larger than actual's not really designed like that and the proper CSS will roll into your browser over the next week. i.e. this: We have to wait...
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    Latest Takara lab diamond restock - .75ct - 1.51ct...all but one already sold.

    Hi all, We had another restock last night with some very impressive colors (100% D). Nice range of sizes, all but the .76ct sold out in 24 hours: We'll have another restock in the next two weeks or so! Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds Best regards, Less