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    Colored stone ? Have you seen this?

    Could anyone tell me what they think an Bout this ring? It test to be a diamond but I'm not sure yet to trust the reading. 14k gold and also has a smaller clear diamond marked inside with "W H S" ( which I've found no info on) These pics were taken by putting a loupe against my camera...
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    Wow stone color under lights

    This reads as diamond on my diamond tester, follow up by testing on my moissy tester , same result. This photo is from under a black light.( Light is old and a piece of crap without a good strong bulb but all I have at the moment) Anyone familiar with this reaction under black light?
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    I really need help ....stone reads as diamond

    I have a ring that is 14Kt and has 2 stones. A small clear diamond and a bigger red "dianond" ... My diamond tester reads it as a diamond.. I have tested other pieces that I know are and are not diamonds , and the results are true to the stone. This ring has been packed away for years and while...
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    Does anyone know this signature

    Hi. I'm a newbie. Found this forum via google search. I am having a terrible time getting this mark verified. Every piece I look at online shows this is an alwand Vahan signature. It's listed as such and sells as such. Vahan, when contacted one of the sellers of Vahan, says it is...