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  1. gemcat

    Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds blog - "The road to 3cts...."!

    Thank you, Less for the interesting information. I did not realize how much difference there was between the GIA and AGS cut grades. It makes me wonder if there is that big a difference in how the GIA vs AGS judges other aspects of a diamond such as color or clarity.
  2. gemcat

    Takara photo in the sunshine

    I can't wait to see the video. I bet that would look really fine in the Regal setting, too.
  3. gemcat

    Fun fact - Amora and our Sarine HD cut measurement system

    I love learning more about the tech stuff that goes into making the Amoras. I get lots of compliments on mine and I love to be able to tell people more about how they are made and cut.
  4. gemcat


    This is such a gorgeous stone! Congratulations!
  5. gemcat

    Expanding Eternity Studs - 5mm (.50ct) - your feedback requested

    I like the idea of universal pricing for stud earrings. I don't require all the details for Amoras that I only want to sparkle in my ears.
  6. gemcat

    Amora Sisters, HELP!

    Thanks, Less. There is nothing like solid facts to shut down blatant exaggerations.
  7. gemcat

    AVR/OEC for my Swan setting

    Thank you all for your kind words. This last week was our 38th anniversary and we were on a cruise. My ring gots lots of compliments and I was so delighted with it.
  8. gemcat

    Amora Krupps - studio photo!

    That is fabulous. Wouldn't' it be perfect in a Harry Winston style setting?
  9. gemcat

    AVR/OEC for my Swan setting

    I apologize ahead of time for my photos. I'm not the world's best photographer and the Amora is notoriously had to capture on film.That said, I love the AVR! It suits my Swan setting to a "T" and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.
  10. gemcat

    AVR/OEC for my Swan setting

    My AVR just arrived yesterday afternoon and I am beyond delighted with it. Specs: 2.04ct, G, SI1, 7.97mm x 8.00mm x 5.36mm. The sparkle is chunky and bright and the faceting is crisp. I'm taking it to my jeweler to be set today and I'll post photos of it when I get it back. Here is one I took...