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    Phoenix Moissanite now available in Cushion cut! $249/ct

    Hi all, We're expanding the production of our Phoenix Moissanite fancy cuts since Amora Fancy cut production is no more. First up, a new stunning Cushion cut! Our Phoenix Moissanite is priced at a pretty amazing $249/ct. Colorless (D-F and with typical VVS clarity. We encourage comparison...
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    "Highly Recommend" - nice customer feedback on their Takara lab diamond

    Hi all, Happy to share a nice customer review we just received today on their Takara 1ct lab diamond: "I just recently purchased a Takara (1ct) for my engagement ring. I am very impressed with the performance of the diamond and feel very confident about the decision I made here. I never...
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    Another scratch?

    Hi - You already posted the same thing on FB, and we replied there..please clean the stone, and you can test by dragging your fingernail across it to see if it is a scratch or not, or take it to a local jeweler to inspect. It's not really possible to confirm what it is or is not from photos...
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    Waiting for BTD return credit with no response.

    Apologies for the oversight here - credit is being issued right now! Best regards, Less
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    FTC ruling - a "diamond is a diamond" whether from the ground or from a lab....

    Hi all, Of interest, we've had a number of immature comments from jewelers on FB (who sell mined diamonds, and post as consumers lol) about our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds as not being 'real' diamond. But that's both factually false, and legally false as well. It may be interesting for...
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    Too much color?

    Hi - in your photo the metal bezel on the ring and the ring shank itself are lit up in blue light, so it looks like there is a strong reflection going on there. So, when you say "too much color" I'm not sure if you mean color flashes (fire) or simply color in terms of things reflecting off of...
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    2.04ct Takara! First Super Ideal H&A Takara over 2ct size (H/VS)

    Just fyi, but this beauty has been Sold. Have a 1.53ct coming, but not sure when we'll have another 2ct+ currently. Best regards, Less
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    2.04ct Takara! First Super Ideal H&A Takara over 2ct size (H/VS)

    Hi all, I'm late to post here, but happy to announce that we have our first over 2ct Takara! This is a 2.04ct, Super Ideal H&A cut, in H color, VS clarity. Here's a studio video: Takara Lab Grown Diamond Inventory Best regards, Less
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    DB hits record growth with over 2,200 rings listed! So - what are your recommendations for improving the bistro?? :)

    Hi Elf and Cricketgrrl, Sorry about this and thanks for posting the issue! We have a new developer helping out and he had rerouted things to this basic template to track what was routing where on our server...he thought he had reverted it. It's fixed now if you type in from a web browser -...
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    Getting the Amora Engraved

    Hi Loveatfirstdish, We've had Amora's engraved before - any place that engraves diamonds can do it, and do it exactly like a diamond (Amora is a close cousin to diamond!). Unfortunately laser engravers are not that common but most gem/diamond grading labs have them. Hope that helps!
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    Hi DastardlyGal, Internally flawless definitely does *not* mean there are some unpolished facets lol. I talked to some of the graders at NAGL before about IF vs Flawless when we perfected the nano-polish - they basically said Flawless is effectively never given. One said in ten years at GIA...
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    Just to update - responded privately to CuriousJ but order times vary from same day to next day shipping for loose stones and overnight earrings, to 2 weeks - 4 weeks for most rings (depends on both ring complexity and which metal). That said, CuriousJ - looking forward to you receiving your...
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    Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds blog - "The road to 3cts...."!

    Hi Gemcat! In our experience and from others that have sent stones to both, there's almost no difference re: color and clarity grading between GIA and AGS. Both are very strict and very consistent on color and clarity (though note that AGS uses the number scale for color and clarity as...
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    Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds blog - "The road to 3cts...."!

    Hi all, Happy Friday! Blog is a bit short this month due to being tight for time, but wanted to keep the monthly tradition going - thus, please grab a drink, get comfortable and let's get underway! Takara updates: Working on larger sizes: This month we did not have as much luck with larger...
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    Latest Takara lab diamond restock - .75ct - 1.51ct...all but one already sold.

    Hi Beatriz, Thanks for the post! Sorry to hear about the lack of confirmation - Let me check our spam filter but we definitely work with and even recommend gmail as it's been the most reliable by far. Anyway, happy to work with you on the pre-order. Worst case, just email us at...
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    Comparing GIA "Triple Excellent" cut vs Takara Super Ideal lab diamond cut...

    Hi all, We got a hold of a GIA "Triple Excellent" cut diamond and pleased to be able to show you the difference vs. our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds cuts. The scope images pretty much tell you all you need to know. This is the problem with the GIA cut grading - Excellent sounds good, except...
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    Question about Photos on Diamond Bistro

    Hi Mamicee, We're slowly working on it. Unfortunately the bistro doesn't generate any real income after hosting costs (not enough ad clicks) so we can only put a limited amount of resources at improvements at the moment. But the apple iphone/ipad issue is our next thing to be fixed! Thanks for...
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    fyi - Bistro header is mixed up (cache issue with CSS files)...should be resolved on your system within a week

    Hi all, We've added a new Takara banner to the bistro site but for the next few days, due to cache update delays, it may show as a much larger than actual's not really designed like that and the proper CSS will roll into your browser over the next week. i.e. this: We have to wait...
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    Latest Takara lab diamond restock - .75ct - 1.51ct...all but one already sold.

    Hi Pookydo, Very possible we'll get some F, but doubtful regarding H color. We are talking a bit with a CVD grower and their rough is around G/H (CVD does not produce colorless in general) that might be a more likely option than our HPHT grown which is producing so much perfect D color...