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    Looks like we will have 2 Takara Super Ideal H&A lab diamonds at 1.50ct!

    Hi all, Final details next week but two pieces of Takara rough have actually yielded 1.50ct size. That has been a very nice surprise! These should be ready for sale in the next two weeks or so! Takara Lab Diamonds - Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Rounds Best regards, Less
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    I don't know what this means?

    Hi Chele, 925 means it's sterling or true silver. Basically it's the % of silver content, so 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metals. The last part EY or 3Y, is likely the maker's stamp for their company, but no idea what company that stands for. (could also be a ring size mark for size 3...
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    Phoenix H&A Moissanite - overnight earrings restocked!

    Hi all, Our sold out Phoenix H&A Moissanite earrings have restocked - these are part of our overnight earring program which basically means order today, wear them tomorrow. The restock was for 6.5mm / 1ct each ear ($549!) and 7mm (1.25ct each ear). These are the optimal 4 prong martini's with...
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    20ct Fancy deep blue diamond unveiled from Botswana

    Diamond news - 20ct+ Fancy Deep Blue diamond from Botswana. Very bright blue color - if you have $20 Million with no place to go, this could be an option! Started as 40ct rough, yielded 20ct finished (that's actually a high yield btw, 33% is more typical!) Article link...
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    Timeless Regal Engagement ring - customer review - ‘out of this world’ beautiful!

    HI all, Nice customer feedback, on our best selling Timeless Regal Engagement ring: "The ring arrived today, it is ‘out of this world’ beautiful! Outstanding craftsmanship! Thank you, Betterthandiamond team for everything!" Thanks for this customer taking the time to write. We've put 10+...
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    Amora Gem Review - - "as scintillating and gorgeous as I expected"

    Hi all, Just got a very nice customer review after they received their Amora Eternity: "I am very happy with my Amora Gem! It is as scintillating and gorgeous as I expected thank you!" We're sold out of 1ct, but have 1.50ct+ in stock now with another restock in 2 weeks...
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    Added Takara restocking / production schedule page

    Hi all, With our Takara lab diamond production increasing, we've made a new page to let those interested track what's expected to complete production each week: Takara lab diamond Restocking schedule We expect to have new production completing nearly each week as new rough makes it through the...
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    Temporary post for photo reference

    last one...
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    Temporary post for photo reference

    Here you go!
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    Temporary post for photo reference

    Hang on, I'll post your photos as .jpg and then you can make a listing on (And yes, we need to fix this issue :) Less
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    New logo for Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds

    Hi all, Happy to show our new logo for the Takaras! Background will vary a bit, but you get the idea. Let me know what you think! Takara Super Ideal H&A lab diamonds page
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    Nice customer review on their Takara Super Ideal lab diamond...

    Recommend Takara to friends and family Product: Takara Lab Diamonds - Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Rounds Looks very, very good in person....I feel like I made the right decision and would not hesitate to recommend Takara to friends and family! Thanks to this customer for their review...
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    8.2mm Amora gem E/IF engagement ring

    Wow, that ring is a knockout. I love the intricate dual metal work on this. Hats off to David Klass, and great ring design Joyce! Best regards, Less
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    Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds blog - "The road to 3cts...."!

    Part 2 - continued! And with that, let me close this section on Takara with a short video we made showing the first 1ct+ piece of rough we had recently: And here's a link to our Takara main page, which will have updates over this coming month before the next blog: Takara Lab Diamonds - Super...
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    Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds blog - "The road to 3cts...."!

    Hi all, Happy Friday and welcome back! I haven't done our monthly blog in over a year now (vs 5+ years continuously before that)...but we've got some exciting things happening with our Takara lab diamonds that are going to be similar to the Amora R&D journey all over again (but faster). Thus...
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    Paraiba Tourmaline diamond ring

    Beautiful color in that tourmaline Joyce! And nice to see you here again as well :) Best regards, Less
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    Takara Super Ideal H&A updates - new rough in cutting, might get a 1.20ct and possibly...1.50ct!

    Hi all, Very excited to share the news that we have two of our largest ever Takara rough in cutting now. Based on the initial Sarine HD scan, we might have our first ever 1.20ct and possibly (just possibly) our first 1.50ct! These will all be be cut to true AGS-000 Super Ideal H&A, so...
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    Amora princess cut

    Hi Nava, Thanks for your post and agree, it would have been great if we could have continued making the Amora princess. They are outstanding in their beauty and are the best princess cut's I've ever seen (and similar feedback from everyone who saw one). Unfortunately, there's just no volume in...
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    How to clean palladium martini pendant chain?

    Hi Julie - something is off here as palladium does not tarnish like you are indicating. Neither palladium nor platinum will turn blackish, etc. they only go a tiny bit more grey (patina) and the effect is pretty minor at that. If you are seeing black, then there is silver involved doing...
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    DB hits record growth with over 2,200 rings listed! So - what are your recommendations for improving the bistro?? :)

    Hi FloweringEarth, Thanks for the update and feedback! I'm going to borrow my daughters Ipad later today and try to make a listing to figure this out. so if you see a listing for a friendship bracelet, you'll know why it's out there lol. Best regards, Less