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  1. elf925

    DB hits record growth with over 2,200 rings listed! So - what are your recommendations for improving the bistro?? :)

    Hi! I haven’t been able to access the site for a couple of days now. For the first few days, the headers and everything was in a different language. And showed no content or pictures. As far as feedback on the marketplace. I’ve always wished there were filters. For example, filter by ring size...
  2. elf925

    Help! Cleaning!

    I finally took it to the jeweler and with his tools he picked it out then ran it through the steam and it’s as good as new! I will remember the toothpick and vinegar for future cleanings if I need it. I didn’t even think of the toothpick LOL and I bet that would have worked!
  3. elf925

    Help! Cleaning!

    I just received this ring. Got a great deal on it, but there is something stuck underneath it! I tried mild soap and a toothbrush, won’t come off. Any suggestions?
  4. elf925

    Zales??? The Premiere Diamond

    Does anyone have any info about a supposedly older collection of premium diamonds from Zales called the premiere diamond? The words “The Premiere” and a small bezel set diamond is on the inside of the shank. I want to buy a ring from this collection but I’m hesitat as I can not find any...