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    fixing the 'too many ads' on the forums...

    Hi all, I have to say while the ads helped to offset the cost of hosting this forum, they seem to keep getting more and more will be looking at how to reduce the total ad quantity and/or moving to a new forum structure. If you have thoughts on how to balance the need to generate...
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    Is Betterhandiamond still operating? No reply to my order

    Hi - we are still here. Re: luda46 order above - that was completed and customer received with their requested ring size change. Please note if any communication issues with emails, chatting us on FB avoids any spam mail issues and is a great backup plan if needed. We've...
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    Where Can I Find Information About Inclusions In Specific Takara Diamonds? Such As Type Inclusions, How Many, Where Located, Do They Show Face Up?

    We've added 500+ new Takara's to inventory! You can now click on the cert number from the inventory page and it will load the IGI cert with inclusion plot and details. I'll post in another thread with more details but you can view the inventory here: Takara Lab Grown Diamond Inventory Best...
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    Where Can I Find Information About Inclusions In Specific Takara Diamonds? Such As Type Inclusions, How Many, Where Located, Do They Show Face Up?

    Hi Soleil - thanks for the feedback! We are working tonight on uploading all the new inventory and everything will have a link to the IGI cert direct with inclusion plots. I'll post tomorrow when it's ready but it's a large inventory increase coming...I think we'll have the worlds largest...
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    Where Can I Find Information About Inclusions In Specific Takara Diamonds? Such As Type Inclusions, How Many, Where Located, Do They Show Face Up?

    Here's the plot for a VS1 as an example. The red color means inside the stone, and for reference, you need 10x magnification to see those tiny spots..thus invisible without magnification.
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    Where Can I Find Information About Inclusions In Specific Takara Diamonds? Such As Type Inclusions, How Many, Where Located, Do They Show Face Up?

    Hi Soleil! The short term answer is you can email us with which diamond is of interest and we can provide that info. That said, we just added nearly 40 new Takara's and these are all IGI graded which means we'll shortly be able to link the online cert and then you can just click and view the...
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    Really nice feedback on Amora Eternity Stud earrings!

    Hi all, Happy to share really nice feedback we received from a customer on our 1ct (each ear) Amora Eternity earrings: "We got the earrings! Hubby opened the package and peeked, and once he saw them he couldn’t wait and presented them to me to wear immediately. They are stunning! I love them...
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    Excellent customer feedback on our Takara H&A lab diamonds (ASET scope review)

    Hi all, Happy to share some really nice feedback on our Takara H&A lab diamonds :) "I had a chance to see the diamond in person and under an ASET scope. I'm very impressed, the stone is beautiful. I've done a lot of research and I think I'm fairly knowledgeable about diamonds now, and I must...
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    Large Amora restock coming (Nov 28 or so) - last restock for 2019

    Hi all, A quick update that we'll have a large restock ready just before the Holiday Season (around Nov 28th): Nov 28 - Large restock coming! 1ct, 1.25ct, 1.50ct, 2.50ct, 3.50ct, and... a few 6-7ct :) This will be the last restock for this year! Amora Gem Restocking Schedule Best...
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    DeBeers lowers mined diamond rough pricing by -5%, industry crisis from low demand

    Hi all, The whole jewelry industry is contracting and DeBeers is being hard hit. Latest news is they have lowered their mined diamond pricing -5% in November to try and offset falling demand for diamonds: Best regards, Less
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    Phoenix Moissanite H&A rounds - video!

    Hi DASTardlyGal - the Phoenix stays' absolutely white. This is not the old type Moissanite, which would definitely fluctuate esp under cloudy skies or other low light conditions. It's very close to Amora, maybe 90+% of the beauty of an Amora, so it's an outstanding option which is why we are...
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    Phoenix Moissanite H&A rounds - video!

    Hi LoveatFirstDish, Phoenix has polished girdles. Only the Amora has the faceted girdles :) Hope that helps! Less
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    Hi Mrs2Ouch, Thanks for the post - the Amora's are *identical* whether full certed or not, so there is no difference in scintillation or brightness between a full cert Amora and a Universal pricing Amora. Production is identical as we don't know which will be full certed or not, and even the...
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    New and need some advice please!

    Hi Maya, If you plan on selling any gems for $100+ and definitely $500+, I would highly recommend getting them certed. It removes a lot of doubt from any buyers, esp. considering you are new to the business. Also, the grading labs often provide good feedback for your cutting as they can go into...
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    Purchasing a Takara Diamond

    Hi Altair, Thanks for the post! All of our Takara H&A (unless noted) are cut to Super Ideal H&A specs meaning they will fall within the following pretty narrow specs: Table: 56-57% Crown angle: 34.25 - 34.55% Crown height: 14.7 -15.30 Pav angle: 40.74 - 40.76 Pav depth: 42.45 - 42.49...
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    BTD sales = +49%, some upcoming changes and improvements (ala new website :)

    Hi all, I'll have to do more of a true Friday update, but wanted to highlight that sales for BTD have been jumping lately, +49% this past month. Most popular has been our Amora and Phoenix Stud earrings (especially those sold via the 'overnight' option), along with loose gems of both. We are...
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    How can Amore Gems be anything but flawless if they are lab made?

    Hi Heir - yes! We restocked a number of 1ct and .50ct. However, all of the D and E/IF's 1ct, all sold within 24 hours, so all of the individual certed ones are sold. We have a few left of the Universal pricing un-certed - I believe 1 left for E/F 1.05ct, and 3 or so left for the Near...
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    2.04ct Takara! First Super Ideal H&A Takara over 2ct size (H/VS)

    HI Beatriz, Thanks very much for your order and for posting the kind feedback! It's really great to see the video - the Takara and Regal look great on your hand :) (note - I'd encourage anyone watching to view it on YouTube directly (just click the bottom right YouTube logo on the video here)...
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    Another reason for Amora Gem / Takara lab diamonds = you don't need to rob a bank to pay for your wedding ring!

    Hi all, Latest news is a Texas man was arrested the day before his wedding for robbing a bank. He robbed the bank to pay for the wedding ring. Texas man robbed a bank on the day before his wedding to pay for the ring, sheriff says - CNN Moral of the story - buy an Amora Gem or Takara, enjoy...
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    Time to replace my Asha, cant find a jeweler!

    *Note - I see Dana has sent you email directly from our customer service system as well after not finding any tickets from your email address.