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  1. JoycelovesJems

    Paraiba Tourmaline diamond ring

    Thanks Dana .... I love swirls and Halos
  2. JoycelovesJems

    My AG set in a gorgeous snake solitaire

    That is so unique and pretty!
  3. JoycelovesJems

    8.2mm Amora gem E/IF engagement ring

    I custom designed my engagement ring and David Klass and his CAD artist, Amy brought it to life. I wanted vines on the shank coming up to encompass the head and become the prongs to hold my gorgeous AG stone.
  4. JoycelovesJems

    Paraiba Tourmaline diamond ring

    Dana, there is no other ring that could compare and the color is so unique .... I wear just diamonds with this beauty.
  5. JoycelovesJems

    Paraiba Tourmaline diamond ring

    Thanks for your kind welcome back!
  6. JoycelovesJems

    Paraiba Tourmaline diamond ring

    I got an amazing deal on this paraiba tourmaline ring and the stone absolutely glows! It came with an AGL cert - origin is Mozambique but I still figured it is worth a bit. I took it to my appraiser but she just looked at the internet to see what paraiba's are selling for so I'm not sure the...
  7. JoycelovesJems

    New amazing ring from David Klass

    When I saw Katie Perry's engagement ring from Orlando Bloom, I fell in love . . . so I had David Klass make me one in my own version. It's an oval pink tourmaline 11.5mm x 9.20mm with 8 - 5mm OEC moissanite in 14kt yellow gold. It's gorgeous!!! So happy! :)
  8. JoycelovesJems

    Careful when showing off your jewels...

    Yikes!!!! That’s my ring! What can I do about it?
  9. JoycelovesJems

    Christmas 50% OFF sale!

    I've just lowered the prices on ALL my listings by at least 50% until Christmas Day. check it out: Listings for JemsByJoyce