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    Mirror Image earrings?

    Thank you Dana, I appreciate your reply and the info! Lol, good point that other people probably won't notice!
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    Can't identify the maker. Maybe you will know. HELP PLEASE

    I googled British silver seems the SE should stand for the silversmith's first and last name? But I can't find an "SE" only SC and other S stuff. I'll keep looking. Okay here is a website with some SE marker names Birmingham Makers Marks - SB-SG
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    Mirror Image earrings?

    Hi, I purchased a vintage (maybe 1980's) pair of Monet clip-on earrings. I should have realized they were not mirror images. I wonder if this is a mistake or intentional. Unfotunately, I cannot find another set like these. Most of the Monet earrings I see are mirror images, opposites, if they...