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    Will there be an amora restock in 2021?

    I second MissCassie. Distinctive Gems is the way to go. I'm not sure what is going on with BTD but their customer communication is really lacking.
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    Cannot login to DB

    I cannot seem to login to DB. I can't remember my password and the system is not sending any emails to reset my password. Also, the Facebook login is not working. I've contacted customer service and have received a reply but still no actual help to get into my account. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Help An Amateur :-)

    Cut is king and trumps all of the other C's. You have provided no information on cut and grading lab. The best place for you to get help is to check out Pricescope. The posters are diamond afficionados and will help you out.
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    Selling a few things on DB

    Diamond ring just reduced and seller is open to fair offers! Reduced! .75 ct D VVS2 GIA XXX diamond wedding set : Natural Diamond Center
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    Selling a few things on DB

    F1 earrings sold! Diamond ring and Amora moissy wedding sets still available.
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    Selling a few things on DB

    Listings back up! Thanks for looking :) Listings for sparklynurse
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    Selling a few things on DB

    Going on vacation 'til the first week in March so remaining listings have been taken down. I will relist when I return :)
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    Anyone having trouble logging into The Diamond Bistro?

    I had to clear my browsing history and then was able log in. I remember something like this happening before.
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    Selling a few things on DB

    Hi all! I'm clearing out some pieces I can't/don't use anymore and I've just reduced the price on a couple of items. The F1 WG studs are gorgeous and I just purchased them this past summer but over the intervening months I've developed what appears to be a WG allergy. They are really gorg and...
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    scratches on Amora gem ultra. Please assist

    Wow that sucks! I hope you get a response to your issue. I have an AG Ultra and, believe me, I'm pretty rough with my ring and have not seen any kind of mark on it - of course, that's not to say it can't happen because obviously it can and did.
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    Platinum setting broke! Shoddy Workmanship? Please help

    OMG! I am certainly no expert so I can't help you with determining if it was faulty workmanship, but I sure do hope you had insurance on that ring!
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    Signatures for credit card purchases going away this month!

    Gosh, we haven't used signatures here, in Canada, in a while. You do need to enter a PIN and you can also use your card as tap-to-pay by setting a max amount. Convenient!
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    Expanding Eternity Studs - 5mm (.50ct) - your feedback requested

    Can't wait!! Hoping to get an approx 1ctw pair in the four prong setting :)
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    Learn from this couple's *$9 Million Dollar* diamond buying mistake...

    Well, just today, my co worker shared a picture of the 1ct oval diamond engagement ring her son recently purchased for his soon to be fiance. She proudly informed me that he went to a diamond wholesaler and paid $10,000 cad but the diamond apparently appraised at 20,000 cad. It had a very...