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    Just got my AG

    I will chime in to add that Loveamoraa is right, round Amoras are going to be more rainbowy and sparkly than just about all other cuts, especially the step cuts. I have an Eternity and it throws lots of rainbows but I personally love that aspect of moissy.
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    scratches on Amora gem ultra. Please assist

    Is it for sure a scratch or maybe a build up of residue over time? I once thought I had a scratch on my Amora Gem and it ended up being a stain. I had to be pretty aggressive getting it off. I soaked my ring in warm water with a couple drops of Dawn Ultra and then after an hour or two I took a...
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    My AVC solitaire arrived!!!

    This is beautiful! Can I ask what the measurements of the stone are?
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    Beautiful new Eternity

    Here is my favorite fire shot
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    Beautiful new Eternity

    I am truly blown away by the beauty of these Super Ideal Eternity AGs. If anyone doubts their beauty at all, just order one and see for yourself. They literally glow from within, even in dim light. (This is an E color) I hope these pics show their beauty, but it is even better in person. Enjoy...
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    Amora Eternity vs Ultra vs UE1 vs UE2 - spotlight and office modeling

    Hi Less, As an avid AG lover (I have bought many stones from you over the years) as much as I love the new eternity and appreciate all the work involved to produce it, I am really missing those wider arrows and bolder flashes of rainbow of the Ultra. Would there be any possibility of doing a run...
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    Amora Eternity Challenge - which is the $45K H&A Diamond?

    The one in the earing setting
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    That is just a tad too big for my tiny hands but thank you for offering. I prefer the 7.4-7.5 range
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    Hello Less, The latest restock of the 7.5mm eternities happened veryearly in the morning where I live and by the time I got the email that size was sold out. I was so bummed. What is the ETA of the next restock of that size?
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    That is what I would love to know too...Looking for a 1.5 (7.5mm) carat round Eternity or smaller size.