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    Match Necklace to bracelet style

    Very pretty bracelet, definitely more modern so it should be easier to identify! Can you find any numbers, words or markings on the bracele? It would help a lot :D
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    Help! Is this old broche worth something?

    Lovley brooch! Have you looked on it for any words, numbers or markings? It would help a lot with identification
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    Newbie with issues

    good luck with this!
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    Can anyone help me identify this rings stamp?

    Can you please post a picture? It would help
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    What can you tell me about this ring?

    hi! epic looking ring! I searched around And the 750 means it’s 18k gold, and Cartier rings has that same θ shape on their rings, that ring is one of those stretchy rings, I coudnt find a name for that style, most people just called them “stretch rings” so that’s what I found, gl with your...
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    Okay so I have this necklace that my uncles girlfriend gave me, and she got it for free from a friend, and so on and so fourthl I think this necklace is very cool and I want to know if there’s a small bit of history behind it, but I’ve searched the necklace and all it has stamped on it is...