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    Advice needed! Looking for engagement ring that has story elements to it

    Stories? Wouldn't it be better to see what your partner is interested in?
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    Emerald Cuts

    Oooph! Be careful handling the stone with those pliers!!!
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    Life of AG?

    Whether you wear a diamond or an Amora, wearing your rings while doing dishes, cleaning, and putting on lotion is a bad idea, not to even mention the extreme sports. Lotion dulls both diamond and Amoras, and over time can leave a build up on both. Platinum is the only choice for you as white...
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    I really need help ....stone reads as diamond

    Not sure if the comments on this video will help or not, but here you go: Chances are you just don't have your tester set right, but if it is a red diamond, you're rich! Direct link to video: https:// (take the two spaces out after the //)
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    AG and bezel settings

    Both diamonds and Amora Gems get their sparkle from the light entering from the table, bouncing around in the internal facets, and returning out the top facets. Well cut gems don't have much of a problem sparkling in a bezel.
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    Creating a travel jewelry section on WinkCZ!

    I've started with a handful of good, solid designs but would love to hear what kind of pieces you would be interested in buying for travel jewelry. Travel Rings | WinkCZ | WinkCZ
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    New Amora Eternity promo video - Ultimate Honeymoon

    I like it, but there's no glimpse of the Amora Gem itself. Maybe finish the video panning to a close up of an Amora ring on the table?
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    Ring size nightmare

    This is the international finger size chart I use for my clients, and so far it's been pretty accurate: International Finger Size Conversion Chart
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    Careful when showing off your jewels...

    Because apparently it's quite common for cheap jewelry sellers from Ebay to steal the images we're posting on this forum, and claim that the pics are theirs and their jewelry. For example, I know for a fact that this ring belongs to a member here, but yet an Indian jewelry seller on Ebay is...
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    Amora Sisters, HELP!

    If you put one of theirs next to an Amora, same shape (notice I didn't say cut because only BTD has perfected the H&A ideal cut for a silicon carbide stone), same mm size, the difference between the two would be clearly evident.
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    Amora Eternity Challenge - which is the $45K H&A Diamond?

    Ooooh, this is a good one!!! :)
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    Which ring design?

    Left. The one on the right looks like it would be catching on things all the time.
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    Any thoughts on "pre-loved" jewelry?

    Thin shanks, cracks in shanks, and wonky prongs if you're looking for semi-mounts!