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    Is there anyone who is very knowledgeable about Elite Shungite?

    Maybe because of the platinum overlay on the silver? I don't know, but, good question.
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    Alternative to Amora Custom Cuts

    I just looked up Rhino, and have no fear. The man, Jonathon, is a reputable dealer. If I remember right, I think he's the inventor of the August Vintage Cuts. He owns Good Old Gold or Good O'l Good and he has tutorial videos on diamonds on youtube, so, he's EXTREMELY trustworthy, and I can...
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    Phoenix Moissanite H&A rounds - video!

    It certainly does help, Less. Thank you so much.
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    Phoenix Moissanite H&A rounds - video!

    Does the Phoenix Moissanites stay white in all kinds of weather conditions, for example, does it turn snotty or strange color green in cloudy, rainy skies? They look very pretty. And since you aren't doing Amoras in fancy shapes anymore, and if I ever get enough money saved to buy a shape I...
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    FTC ruling - a "diamond is a diamond" whether from the ground or from a lab....

    Thanks for the information about that, Les. I'm sure if I hadn't stumbled upon this, I wouldn't be the wiser to the decision about what constitutes a diamond.
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    Pictures of Timeless Regal Seamless edition

    I'm also curious and wanting to see pictures of the Timeless Regal Ring in both the clawed and regular prongs because I'd like to see the difference. This ring is one of the most purchased ring on the website, so, I'm curious as to why there aren't more pictures of the ring in all gold/platinum...
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    Oh, gosh, sorry for the typos!! Thanks for replying and answering my questions. You really educated me as I really had no idea about the GIA not giving ANY diamond a FL rating and other things you said. Thank you so much, and look forward to hearing any more info you can give me in the future...
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    Amora Gem - The FAQ thread

    Less, I have a question for you, and I know you will answer it for me. For some reason, I just get into these fact finding missions from everything under the mood, and right now, the fact finding mission is my curiosity for knowing what the difference between a flawless and internally flawless...
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    Inquiring on jewellery handed down from great grandmother

    Pretty necklace. Really like it. Bet it looked lovely on your grandmother's neck all those years she wore it. As for people gettting back to your question, sometimes, it takes a while before someone writes back with advice, so, be patient. I'm sure some knowledgeable person will read your...
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    Amazing experience with Diamelia

    That is one lovely ring and rock!! Congratulations on getting the rings of your dreams. I'm jealous!
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    8.2mm Amora gem E/IF engagement ring

    O! M! G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless at the mere beauty of it. Congratulations on such a beautiful and different ring. You won't see that coming and going. I'm so jealous!! Wow, it is so beautiful!!
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    Advice needed! Looking for engagement ring that has story elements to it

    Do you have a Lillianne's Antique Jewelry store where you live? They might have engagement rings with stories to them. I love that place, but, alas, I can't really afford their jewelry. I get on their website to drool.
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    How to clean palladium martini pendant chain?

    Maybe some silver cleaning liquid or cloth. I just tried this method on my silver jewelry with some good results. Lay out a piece of aluminum foil, either put baking soda directly on the chain or put the baking soda on the aluminum foil and lay the chain down, and then pour hot water from the...
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    Palladium has gone up 50% in price since August, and is now nearly the same price for jewelry as platinum!

    :eek: WOW!! That's really, REALLY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, then, is it going to be back to white and yellow gold and platinum? Will you be doing some of your rings that were only platinum and paladium into white and yellow gold choices now?
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    Palladium has gone up 50% in price since August, and is now nearly the same price for jewelry as platinum!

    I noticed your prices had gone up. Now I know why. Thanks for the info. Its always something.