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    Where can I repurpose my old jewelry to something more modern?

    Not sure what kind of jewelry you're talking about but you can buy a pre-made setting that will fit the size of stone, get the stone unset from the old mounting and have it reset into the new one. This will probably be the cheaper route. Or, you can have something custom designed - this will be...
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    First two Takara H&A - E/IF(!), E/SI1 (AGS-0 Ideal)

    Can't wait until some larger Takaras are produced. I'm in the market!
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    Just got my AG

    I got a round Amora Gem recently as well, in E color. It is more colorful than my diamond but not so much that I dislike it. I believe the diamond is a D or E color (don't remember, it was in my husband's family and I don't have the documentation for it) and I'm sure it is not H&A cut. You might...