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    May 3, 2015
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    I bought a ring off the bistro and paid for the final balance owing on august 13. I was told the ring was shipped on august 14th and i was given a tracking number that shows item was shipped and arrived in canada on the 19th only to be sent back to the states. I paid 35.00 for shipping and when I called USPS I was told the tracking number is invalid to contact the sender to get proper information. I am freaking out because that's so much money that we spent on the ring. How long does it usually take when it has a tracking number? Also what should I do? I had thought paying for shipping meant it would arrive safely within a week. No more updates have been posted with the tracking number on line since the 20th so that's why I had called today and was told it's an invalid tracking number. [​IMG] I had contacted the seller and she said she looked up the # on line and it says the same thing I can see and to give it a few days for updating. I am just scared it got lost in the mail possibly? [​IMG]
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    Did the seller insure the shipment and did you pay through PayPal?

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