Toxicity of "Jeweler's Bronze"

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    Hi all,

    Ebay regularly features bronze rings for sale from a company in Thailand called Back Metal. According to their website, their rings are made of "the best jeweler's bronze." I bought one but became skeptical of wearing it. Four questions while I wait for a response from them.

    1. I'm aware that Jeweler's Bronze isn't a true copper-tin bronze, but actually the commercial name for a type of brass, a copper-zinc alloy. But I'm concerned about the percentage of lead or other toxic metals that could legally be added to Jeweler's Bronze to strengthen it. Is lead guaranteed in Jeweler's Bronze, or could it use non-toxic metals? What percentage of lead?

    2. If the brass contains lead, what's the safest way to dispose of it without harming the environment? Is there a certain facility it should be taken to?

    3. I initially stored the ring loosely in a closed bag with some jewelry made of pure copper. It was in direct contact with them for some time. Are the copper pieces safe from lead contamination, or should they be discarded?

    4. And finally, are there commercial names for types of Brass or Bronze that are guaranteed free of toxics, or should they be inquired for content on a case-by-case basis?


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