The best platinum alloys?

Discussion in 'Jewelry Forum' started by JoycelovesJems, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Recently I had a customer that ordered a semi mount in platinum. I confess that I just assumed that it would be 950 platinum but when it came in, it was stamped IR-PT. Upon further research, this appears to be 90 parts platinum and 10 parts iridium. On Mark Morrell's website he has an article defending why he uses this combination for his jewelry.
    The customer is quite upset and I'm wondering if anyone else has thoughts on the different options for platinum alloy combinations?

    Platinum Purity
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    Hey Joyce,

    There are quite a few manufacturers that will do 900PT because the 900 is tougher than the 950. It resists scratches a bit, and isn't as soft. If they are doing an engraved piece, fancy filigree, or delicate prongs, 900 is a wonderful choice as it will keep the details sharper longer than 950 would. The client was probably expecting it to be 950PT, like the T&Co pieces, but 900PT is still platinum.

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