Takara pink diamonds coming! Lab grown Fancy Intense and Vivid Pinks

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    Hi all,
    I'm very happy to announce that after nearly ten year hiatus we will shortly have Takara lab grown pink diamonds again!

    Here are two photos:

    And smaller sizes:

    Initial sizes are pairs of .30ct range, .50ct range and a .72ct.
    We'll have 1ct+ in November or December.
    Pricing is not finalized yet but hope to do it this week after we finish all the numbers.
    It will be much lower price than mined pinks though.
    Here's a .28ct Fancy Vivid Pink, SI2 mined - $57,730:
    630304 loose diamonds, fancy color, pink, radiant cut, 0.28 carat si2 clarity

    Mined pinks of gem quality and medium+ size that are fancy vivid or fancy intense are priced upwards of $200,000+ per carat.

    All our Takara pinks will be cut to GIA Excellent proportions. We won't do H&A in these in order to maximize the pink color (the H&A with higher white light return would dilute the pink color).

    More info coming shortly but here's the product page:
    Takara Pink Diamonds Lab Grown

    and notification list:
    Notify Me!

    Best regards,

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