Really Good Lasagna!

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    So, Ive been meaning to share this recipe.

    Now, I will freely admit that I am an ingredient snob. And an authenticity purist snob. When I came across this recipe I was like, yuck, yuck, YUCK! But I really like The Pioneer Woman and something kept drawing me back to this recipe. Its called- "The Best Lasagna. Ever." and it has some "questionable" ingredients for a snob such as myself. Canned cheese, cottage instead of ricotta cheese etc... But, I decided to try it as all the reviews said- get over yourself and make this, its great. So, I got over myself and I made it! LOL And it was AMAZING! I've renamed it, "Stop em dead in their tracks lasagna," as when I made it my husband came home from work and was ranting and raving and upset about something that happened on the job site. He was mid-rant when he put a bite in his mouth and stopped dead in his tracks and said- holy sh$% this is good- and completely forgot about everything at work that day!

    I followed the recipe exactly except I added a half a jar of rough chopped roasted red bell peppers, just because we love them, and half a jar of julienne sun dried tomatoes (the wet ones) again, just because we love them.
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    You're too funny Elf! I'm a bit of a snob myself but I've made a few of her recipes and the whole family loves them! Can't argue with that [​IMG]
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    i loved her site until the very first recipe i made from it made me violently ill. [​IMG]

    oddly, though, this recipe looks very, very, very much like the one i've used for making lasagne for 25+ years.

    primary difference is that i use a mix of ricotta and cottage cheese, and also add in shredded mozzarella. so my white layer is 4 cheeses, instead of her two.

    i once made six large aluminum pans of it at a go, for friends in a fraternity. there wasn't any left at the end of the night!

    ..... although i don't actually eat this lasagne. because i don't eat tomatoes or pork. there are always noodles and cheese left over, so i make a small white lasagne for myself, and add shredded carrots, spinach, and fork-shredded baked chicken.
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