Forever One Moissanite round is not 58 facets as advertised...

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    Hi all,
    We've noticed that Charles and Colvard has been claiming that their rounds are all 58 facets. This is rather odd to claim if you understand the details of the optimal round cut which has 8 fold symmetry, so we purchased 8 different Forever One rounds in varying sizes and had them shipped directly for grading.
    These were all independently graded at NAGL.

    Here are their claims at
    Forever One Round:
    Forever One H&A Round:
    Other resellers make the same claim:

    But not all:

    The results:
    All Forever One Moissanite is *57 facets*. Not 58 facets.

    Cert results - the engraving varied Moissanite to Moissanite with 3 main styles as noted:
    Moissanite-57-facets.jpg Moissanite-57-facets-2.jpg Moissanite-57-facets-3.jpg

    For reference, cutting to 58 facets would leave a clear hole in the center as the 58th facet would be the culet facet. This is the clear hole in the middle of the OEC cut for example.

    In modern rounds, there is no culet and it has 8 fold symmetry (56 facets total) + the table facet = 57 facets.

    No idea how their 58 facet round Forever One claim started, or why, but it is incorrect advertising.
    It is also trivial for anyone with gemological/cutting knowledge to verify that it is wrong and a bit bizarre that it has continued.

    Our Amora Eternity H&A, just like all H&A diamonds, is of course 57 facets.

    Best regards,

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