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    Hi all,
    (I put this in the Amora forum but it also belongs here in the moissanite forum.)

    IWe're working on doing a lot of comparison videos and images currently.
    Here's a comparison using two actual stones:
    Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A vs F1 "H&A" Moissanite.

    I always refer to the F1 Moissanite as "H&A" b/c they are not actual H&A cut, rather they are "sort of" H&A (true H&A grades as AGS-0, F1 "H&A" grades as AGS-4...not H&A. The scale is 0= Best, 10 = worst).

    More details on that later but for now - both stones under the IdealScope images:

    Here is how the F1 "H&A" Moissanite we purchased was advertised:
    Commentary added under each column to show whether the claims were true or false (verified using OGI HD as well as Sarine HD systems).

    What I would like to re-iterate is the Amora Eternity is designed to be the Ultimate Gem.
    No shortcuts to save rough, lower production costs, etc. that would compromise total beauty - we will continue to have more comparisons to prove that the Amora Super Ideal Eternity H&A is indeed, the Ultimate Gem.
    (example - Amora Eternity vs H&A diamond here:
    Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A Compared to H&A Diamond

    Best regards,

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