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Discussion in 'Amora Gem Forum' started by Pud, Jun 3, 2018.

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    Jun 3, 2018
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    Hi all!

    I want to first say thanks to these forums. Majority of my questions have been answered from everyone’s shared experiences and wonderful answers from Less.

    I have been looking at options for e-rings for my S.O. I originally planned to get a C&C F1 H&A 2ct DEW.

    Then I stumbled across Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A. I am struggling with the clarity. Part of me wants to go with the IF but the price is quite dear. Is there a substantial difference?

    I want to pop the question this month. The only AG around my preferred size is 2.29 ct and is an IF but quite hefty on price of $1400. My other option is an AG from, which their site is a little shoddy and not sure I trust, whom are selling a 1.8ct IF around $1050.

    She wears a size 6.25. I worry the 2.29 will be too big and flashy. The 1.8 seems a little small and is sold by a company that gives me an odd feeling. Hard to contact, site seems low budget managed, and not much info about them on the internet.

    Ideally I can get an IF 2ct AG Eternity SIC colorless but it’s just not available.

    Advice? Thank you!

    If it helps, the setting is a halo with 29 VS1 side stones totaling 1ct weight.
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    Hi Pud,
    Thanks for the post - let me try and breakout my reply per topic to help clarify:

    1 - - they are a real business and a reseller. They are not that active though so thats why their website is pretty quiet but they are real and legit. I also checked that they did purchase the 1.80ct F/IF you mention so everything seems in order there.

    2 - "I am struggling with the clarity. Part of me wants to go with the IF but the price is quite dear. Is there a substantial difference?" - there's no real difference really regarding clarity and total light performance. The defects tend to be so small that they are really more of mindset rather than one is more beautiful due to clarity. Cut is the #1 giant factor in a gems beauty...and since all Amoras are Super Ideal Eternity H&A, you can't get any better there.

    IF is nice in the respect that it is rare and a nice feeling to have a near perfect gem, but ultimately an SI1 next to an IF and both Amora - you will not be able to tell which is which without magnification.

    3 - "I worry the 2.29 will be too big and flashy. The 1.8 seems a little small " - It's very helpful to think of these in terms of mm and not carat weight. Carat weight is spread out over 3 dimensions, so the visual impression of size difference is much less than the carat weight might impart.
    Example - let's compare these two Eternity based on mm:
    Super Ideal Eternity H&A 1.79ct 7.77mm-7.85mm X 4.78mm E INTERNALLY FLAWLESS
    Super Ideal Eternity H&A 2.29 8.41mm-8.46mm X 5.25mm E INTERNALLY FLAWLESS $1,432.72 9001408

    Basically for mm we have 7.80mm and 8.43mm diameter - the difference is .6mm, or .6 / 7.80mm = 7.6% larger.

    In other words, there's not that much top down visual difference between the two (< 8%).

    In general, we always recommend going larger when in doubt. The reason is the concept of 'inflation' - where what seemed a bit big initially doesn't seem so big a few months later...

    4 - Re: halo - halo settings are tighter in terms of the mm spec, but often a slightly larger stone looks really good b/c it further reduces the 'gap' between the halo outside and the center stone. They just set it a touch higher to make room.

    5 - We will have more 8.1mm Eternity ready end of June but no guarantee if any will be that would hit your size almost exactly, but wouldn't fit your timeline. Overall, I'd recommend checking with the jeweler about the 8.4mm/2.29ct as I suspect it will work for the halo and as noted, will look better esp vs a slightly smaller stone.

    Hope this info is helpful and sorry we don't have an exact IF for you atm!
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    Jul 13, 2013
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    For what it’s worth, I have an I/IF AVR (engagement ring) and a H/SI1 asscher (pendant) and am examining them side by side all the time... they’re both so exceptionally gorgeous, and I love watching how the two different cuts perform differently in various lighting environments.

    From what probably amounts to hours of staring at these two stones side by side, I cannot tell a difference in clarity between the IF and the SI1 with the naked eye.

    I know it’s anecdotal, and not an apples to apples comparison, but I wouldn’t be too concerned with clarity impacting an Amora’s beauty. Hope that helps!
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