Amora Facet Edges and Polish vs Moissanite

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    Hi all,
    With our production going nicely, wanted to start highlighting some of the Amora aspects that we've worked hard on compared to other cheaper alternatives.

    First up - we ordered some Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanites, and asked the diamond grading lab to photo at 50x. This resulted in a number of differences to show and I'll show each of these aspects over several posts.

    First though - let's look at Amora Super Ideal Eternity H&A facet sharpness and polish, vs Charles and Colvard so called "H&A" Moissanite.

    First - Moissanite below.

    You can immediately note - banded polish clouds at the top, various polish issues and finally, rounded facet edges.

    Now the Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A:

    Up next - I've asked the diamond lab to photo a diamond pavilion at exact same magnification and we'll add that for the final comparison.
    But, the point is we worked really hard to optimize our polish and facet edges. Amora is very tough and so we had to develop a very unique process to ensure 'diamond sharp' facet edges.

    But again, the goal for Amora is to produce the ultimate gem, and details like this impact the total beauty. Costs more to do, but vital to produce the worlds most stunning gem :)

    Best regards,
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    Thanks Less and you know I do appreciate how you always addressing problems head-on. I know some people has been less than pleased with all these newer versions you guys' been coming out with (and I do understand why), but technology is ever evolving and so should our standards. You've made your products affordable enough that I'd take the occasion upgrading over complacency any day. Thanks for all the hard works!
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