Amora Eternity Studs - Customer review! (Overnight Eternity's Studs)

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    Hi all,
    We received a really nice customer review on our Amora Eternity H&A Overnight Studs!

    "Let me preface this review by saying that I have two pairs of diamond stud earrings in platinum settings (E color 0.33ct each ear, and E color Hearts and Arrows 0.5ct each ear from a famous H&A brand), so I can give a fair comparison of how my Amora Eternity stud earrings measure up against diamond stud earrings - and, boy, do they measure up!! My Amora Eternity stud earrings are the most sparkly pair of stud earrings I own. Yes, they can definitely hold up to hearts and arrows diamonds. And, as a bonus, since I don't remove my stud earrings every day, the Amora Eternity studs don't seem to get greasy/filmy as quickly as my diamond studs do, so they stay super sparkly longer. I won't even go into the savings but since the Amora studs are easily equal to, or even more beautiful than my best H&A diamond studs, I won't be spending my money on any more diamond stud earrings in the future!"

    Thanks to this customer for the detailed review! Our Eternity studs are available now, with another restock coming end of this week:
    Overnight Earrings - Amora Eternity Stud Earrings

    (Note the Eternity H&A as loose and also as overnight stud earrings is our fastest growing product, so we will be expanding the size range for both including 5mm (.50ct) soon!).

    Best regards,
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