1.5ct Amora, pendant setting advice please!

Discussion in 'Jewelry Forum' started by ApocalypseMeow, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Aug 20, 2008
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    I'm generally an antique jewelry sort of girl. I've got one ring that lives on my left hand 24/7, a ~3.5 ct OEC diamond, bezel set in a Victor Canera graduated French cut setting. Righty has a couple antique rings w/
    ~7mm center diamonds that I swap out.

    I had kind of wanted a more modern, cleaner, sturdier set sparkly pendant for awhile. (And I was dying of curiousity to see the new SiC Amora!) Finally saw a lower color that appealed to my taste in a size I felt happy about (H, 7.44mm) and went for it.

    I have had problems with what I was thinking was going to be a straightforward simple setting before. (Some bezel set stud earrings I own come to mind...! Four trips to two jewelers and who knows how much $$$ :/)

    I don't want it looking like Mickey Mouse ears. I don't want it resting against my chest skin and getting all grubby in 2 seconds flat. I don't want it to be upside down half the time. I think I'd prefer a removable pendant since I have several chains I like and use for other things I swap, but I am not married to that idea.

    What sorts of modern, simple/classic pendant settings fit this criteria? And where from? I'm a bit out of the loop for good benches; I'm fine with sterling as well. Under $500 (even under $400!) would be great. I am always attracted to bezels especially with millgrain, but it's not a requirement.

    I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who has worn one for awhile and can tell me what is functional and what flips around and such.

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