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  1. Beverly Pendergrass
    Beverly Pendergrass
    I am looking for a oval mossy. I prefer an antique style. Does anyone have a picture JYB antique Moissanite?
  2. ivan
    hi can any one stamp carat marks on rings. Or can this only be done by someone qualified.
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  3. Albina
    Can you guys please help me to figure out the best options of WHERE to get a setting for my Amora gem?
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  4. izze
    I'm backkkkkk
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  5. Lola1234
    HELP! I have a credit with moissco and want a 4ct eternity band. Will it show too much color? Please I need advice! It can't be returned
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  6. Gayla
    I would like a 10.5mm to a 12mm AG H&A, any idea when this might be available? How do I get a pre order?
  7. Bradley Ford
    Bradley Ford
    Peering out from behind my favorite rock
  8. IheartAG
    Still Loving my AG almost 2 years later!
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  9. Richierich3366
  10. LilyMoon
    Amora dreaming
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  11. JoycelovesJems
    New avatar because I got an amazing new ring!
  12. MrsGotRocks
    Blood type: Glitter
  13. gemcat
    gemcat Brit
    HI, Brit. I'm experimenting to see if this is how to PM. If it works, you can answer me here.
    1. talk-Dana
      Apr 4, 2016
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    2. Brit
      Ok I think I am getting this. For some reason it said I couldn't start a new "conversation" with you, but I sent you a reply on one of our old PM's.
      Apr 5, 2016
  14. Adrians_mama
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  15. Rit_Zee
    Bling it on!!